COOR / all steel partition wall system

COOR / all steel partition wall system

The flexible COOR partition wall system can be combined with CORACE to make the steel sheet and glass elements match freely between transparent and private. The XXX finished partition system is pre-supported and modular. Installation and disassembly are extremely simple, and various pipelines are built in it for easy maintenance. The COOR system has become a leader in modern medical construction.

Basic parameters:

1, veneer: 6mm tempered safety glass and 13mm metal composite board

2, frame profile: steel precision cold-formed keel

3, wall height: ≤ 6000mm

4, wall thickness: 100mm

5, single module width: ≤ 1200mm * 3000mm or 600mm * 2400mm

6, the sky rail exposed: 45mm

7, the ground rail exposed: 50mm

8, the connection between modules: steel keel and component clamping device

9, sound insulation parameters: 48Db

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