DEAR / single-sided metal wall panel system

DEAR / single-sided metal wall panel system

DEAR Deere / single-sided metal wall panel system Figure 1 (installation diagram, parameter description A and B system)

AIX metal wall panels are equipped with two installation systems, Deere A and B, which fully realize the perfect combination of wall and ceiling integration, so that the wall decoration lines and ceiling lines are in one go, and the color integrity is designed from the architectural space. The perfect docking and harmonization of the facade of the wall panel and the plane of the ceiling, from the texture of the surface layer and the performance of the material, to the harmony of the color system and the harmony of the material style, AIX metal wall panel is widely used in various fields, comprehensive Shows the overall design style.

The perfect treatment solution is unobtrusive and the physical entity is hidden. The DEAR steel wall-hanging system is the first choice for modern decorative materials. It is sturdy, fireproof, soundproof and easy to disassemble, easy to maintain, reusable, different styles and a variety of colors. It meets the requirements of designers in all kinds of occasions.

Basic parameters:

1, surface material: 0.8mm galvanized steel

2,decorative surface: pre-rolling, imported decorative film

3, the inner lining: 12mm gypsum board, aluminum wave board

4, the largest size: ≤ 1200 * 3000mm

5, the sky rail exposed: 40mm

6, the ground rail exposed: 50mm

7. Connection between modules: steel keel and component clamping device

8, sound insulation parameters: 41Db

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